Who Can Benefit From Home Health Care?

Home health care is an essential part of the health care system. This type of care is more convenient, less expensive and just as effective as care that may be provided in a skilled nursing facility or in a hospital. There are many different groups of people who benefit from home health care services.

Post-Surgical Care

If you have had a major surgery such as a joint replacement, removal of a tumor or cardiothoracic repair, home health care can help with your recovery. The home health care aides offer essential services such as changing bandages, checking you for signs of infection and making sure that your pain is being properly managed. They can also help you with the daily activities of living that are difficult for you, such as bathing and getting dressed.

Help After an Accident or Illness

When you have been injured in an accident, it might take you a while to regain your full strength and mobility. Home health care can help you with caring for yourself if you experienced a serious injury such as a broken back or hip. These services are also helpful if you suffered from a serious acute illness such as pneumonia. The home health care personnel can help you with taking your medication, prepare healthy meals and make sure that you are staying comfortable.

Patients with Disabilities

People with disabilities such as developmental delays also benefit from home health care. Services such as bathing assistance, medication management and nutrition can help people with disabilities to remain in their own homes instead of having to move into a specialty care facility. The home health care aides are also able to monitor people with disabilities to make sure that they are safe and that their health status is stable.

Senior Citizens

Senior citizens also benefit from home health care. Having a health professional come in and assist a senior with medication and getting dressed can help the patient stay in their home for as long as possible. Home health care services also help the senior citizen’s family members by giving them a break from the patient’s daily needs. For patients with dementia, home health care services are important for making sure that the senior citizen is not doing anything dangerous or forgetting to take their medication. The health care aides can also assist caregivers with monitoring the symptoms of memory problems.

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