Being released from a hospital, nursing home, or rehabilitation facility is just the beginning of the recovery process. Transitioning from a facility to home often requires a significant change in routine and how daily tasks are managed. The staff of Annex Healthcare can help make that transition as smooth as possible for you or your loved one, which can reduce the chances of hospital readmission.

Chronic Disease Management

Facility to Home Transition Annex Healthcare 300x200 - Facility to Home TransitionApproximately two-thirds of older adults have more than one chronic disease, such as coronary artery disease, heart failure, diabetes, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder. These conditions can limit a person’s functional capacity, negatively impact their quality of life, and increase the risk for repeat hospitalization.

At Annex Healthcare, we believe that a patient should not be limited or defined by their disease. Our health care professionals are trained to help you or your loved one take a proactive role in managing the symptoms of chronic illnesses. We start by making sure you or your loved one has a clear understanding of any chronic conditions and how they affect the body and daily life. We then work with you to identify steps to alleviate symptoms and to make daily life as easy as possible.


Self-Management Education

Through self-management education, we are able to give our clients more control over their life. By becoming active participants in managing their chronic conditions, our clients are able to live fuller lives than they ever thought possible.

Types of Services We Provide

Facility to Home Transition Annex Healthcare 2 300x200 - Facility to Home TransitionOur highly-trained health professionals are able to help you or your loved one overcome any obstacles that you may encounter during the transition from a facility to home. We can assist with:

  • Medication reminders
  • Personal care and activities of daily living
  • Disease education that can help you or your loved one recognize changes or exacerbations in a condition that require further evaluation
  • Appropriate dietary recommendations
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