Annex Healthcare provides the reliable home healthcare services families prefer for loved ones wishing to retain as much of their independence as possible. Our services can be tailored to meet specific short-term or long-term home healthcare needs. We take pride in providing the peace of mind that matters most to you with our affordable home-based solutions.

Medication Administration

Medications IVs Injections Annex Healthcare 2 300x200 - Medications & InjectionsThe administration of medication can quickly become complicated when multiple medications with different dosages and distribution schedules are involved. This is especially true when other medical and health-related issues are involved. Seniors dealing with dementia-related conditions, for instance, may occasionally forget to take important medications or get confused over which one to take at different times. Skipping doses or accidentally doubling doses presents serious health risks. Our staff will carefully adhere to instructions from pharmacists or physicians to ensure clients are taking all medications, including both pills and injections, on time and as prescribed.


Medications IVs Injections Annex Healthcare 1 thumb 300x200 - Medications & InjectionsReconciliation often involves checking the list of medications provided by a client’s primary care physician with the list of medications patients or their loved ones tell us they are currently taking. Reconciliation may also involve confirming that instructions from physicians and other healthcare professionals are being followed. This is especially important for clients dealing with conditions that involve multiple levels of care.

The most important benefit of our services is the peace of mind that goes along with finding a trusted source of home healthcare. Count on the dedicated, carefully vetted and selected staff at Annex Healthcare to be there for you or your loved one when it matters most. Contact us today for more information on our available services.


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